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As we look around our world today, everything is changing. Our telephones are changing every year with different and better ways to communicate, our cars can tell us where to go, it can stop on its own, park, and take commands. Now, why have we not advanced our own way of decorating our houses to change with us, change with our likes and interest? The most that we upgrade on a regular basis is the television. It’s time to change that. Let’s put it in perspective.

Taking Notice

As you are driving and looking back over your decision of finishing college, going for that next career choice, or working at a job that allows you to provide for your family, you step into your house and for the first time, you notice when you go into your bedroom, that you have most of the same bedding and comforts that you have always had and now that you look a little closer yo see that it has become a little worn out.

You continue to notice as you stepped into the bathroom to wash your face, you looked at the towel you are using to wash your face and notice that it too was a little wore. As you have been working all day you run the water to take a shower and notice the shower curtains, those plastic rings they hang on, and the soap dish was just plain with no design, style, or color. Finishing your shower you grab the towel to dry off and notice that it’s one that you’ve had since you could remember.

As you head to the living room, your favorite chair and little sofa were also plain, nothing to help you or others notice how special these items were to you. You start looking around your entire house and notice that you need to have a home makeover. No, not all at once, but one room at a time getting things that you personally enjoy. You find yourself going to different places and notice at your job how they added some colorful pillows in a chair and sofa, you also notice that the table also had accessories on it. As you were walking past them, you notice the rug under to table and even the one in front of the desk when people come in to greet the front desk employee. All the things that you never really thought about are now starting to occupy your mind more frequently.

Retrospective Design

You remember when you were on vacation with family and friends, that the towels were thick and luxurious at the hotels, and remembering that you told yourself that maybe you could at least get a set of those towels. As you flashback through time and notice when you were growing up that the towels in your old family home were not as thick as the ones at the hotel but they were very comfortable, with many colors to pick from and that the curtains hang with some accessories like seashells, starfish, and how things would change based on the seasons, like when it was summer the towels would change to being as big as the ones you see on television that they have at the beach, where you would lay it out and can lay down on it or you and a friend can sit there and watch the sun go down over the water.

You end up thinking all day about the many ways that you can design your apartment or house, that does not have to be expensive (that goes for both the decorations and the housing). It doesn’t have to be a big place for it to look beautiful, nor does the things inside have to cost an arm, leg, and a toe to be quality.

Waking Up Your Creativity

As you arrive home, you grab the mail, head to the kitchen, get a drink, and sit down, you see a magazine and notice that it had home decorations on the front page. You start roaming through the pages and you realize that all the beautiful and colorful designs have just started jumping off the pages. How the bathroom had different colorful rugs and the shower curtains matched all the different bathroom accessories that helped you acknowledge how you wanted your own bathroom to look like.

You couldn’t put the magazine down as you continue to turn the pages, you get to the page about the bedrooms and all the colorful bedding comforter sets, but this time, you notice not only the colors but all the stripes, floral, animal print, embroidery, and unique designs, then you realize that you didn’t just want it to be one way, you see yourself not wanting to limit it to just one way. Your mind started opening up a creative side of you that you were not aware of or forgotten about yourself.

You found yourself wanting to do your home not just the way that you have been seeing in the magazines and whatnot, but doing it in your way that will show a part of you that has burst out. So, now when you decorate it will be in a way, that unlike before when you stepped into your home, you will feel comfort in knowing that it gives a radiant feel of who you are and what you like, it will have a reflection of you.

Creating a New World

Now your bedroom, where you spend a lot of your time, will have bedding comforts, pillows, and rugs that burst out the warmth and comfort that you want to feel. As you close your eyes you wonder how you will express yourself with all the many kinds of towels for your bathrooms, the one in your bedroom and the one for your family and guest. Which style will you be going with, the bright towels yellow as the sun with pink ones and a touch of sky blue with maybe a hint of green added somewhere. Maybe you want red, orange, and purple with accessories that are yellow, it’s all up to you.

You really cannot decide yet as your eyes finally close and your body shuts down after all the excitement about how you will start your next adventure of decorating the different rooms in your home, not a house, but home.

Conquer Your Limited Ways

Sometimes we keep using or having certain things in life because we haven’t put enough time into focusing just on ourselves for once to realize that it’s all old stuff of par quality that you don’t particularly care for or about. Yes, we love our friends and family but you work hard, it’s okay to get things that you want, change your dream house into a reality. You don’t have to splurge a lot all at one time, but slowly, gradually, every once in a while, get something for your house that you want without reservations, if you love it, then get it. In time, you’ll realize that you finally achieve exactly what you wanted, a homemade specifically for you.


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