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There is always something that’s in style to the world at some point in time, but the problem is that they come and go. Every time you go with the trends you end up spending more money than we deem necessary. So why not just focus on what you like as opposed to what the world likes at the moment.


Get the bath accessories that you want, get the bed comforters that are right for you, you can get the everyday bathroom towels or the luxury bath towels, you’ve always wanted. That’s the thing it’s all up to you, you are your own person so find your own style.


This Is The Way I Like It- Bedding Sets




There are so many different types of bed comforter sets that you fall in love with regardless of if it’s in at the moment. The ultimate choice can be the go-to classic which is fluffy, soft, and comfortable. You might want to choose your sheets based on what thread count you want to feel on your skin (the higher the count the softer the material). Get something that can bring that extra color that will show off your own touch even more!


You can get curtains that are long, solid colors, stripes, print, or mix matching, you can get them to match your bed comforters or have your own theme going on and have them match your furniture (dressers, tables, TV stands, etc.) more. It is your style based on how you want it to look doing it your own way. Do it the way you like it!


You Pick The Perfect Towel


Now when it comes to towels there is no limit to what you can do and what you can make happen. Unlike most things in life, towels are something that you can’t have enough of and can have in any style you want. The possibilities are endless!


Towels come in a variety of ways, and a variety of colors like blue, orange, green, purple, white, black, gray, and yellow. Why stop there you can have more than one color, it can be stripped or have animal prints. With towels, you can have different fabrics such as cotton or a cotton blend, polyester or a polyester blend, or Polish terry cloth. If you want a softer more fluffy towel you can get it, if you want a coarser towel you can get it. It is your house so customize it yourself. Get what feels best for you, and also try different things. Explore your own personal style!


They also come in different sizes like extra large, large, and medium. They come in different types to such as hand towels and wash clothes these can come in even more ways than the drying towels. All towels also come in different consistencies like thick, thin, or in between the two.


Just Simply For Me- Luxury Types


We want a space that’s great for the family and guest but what about on special occasions? We want to be luxurious once in a while, or quite often for some of us, so why not get some luxury quality stuff just for you. Luxury bath towels are different because of the density of the fabric, so they are super, super, soft and fluffy. A highly sought after towel would be the Egyptian cotton bath towels and just Egyptian towels in general.  


Turkish cotton is also a very luxurious fabric you might want to look into as well as American cotton which is known as “Pima cotton” or Supima cotton, these are the same towel that is in high-end luxury resorts and hotel, but they are actually a quite affordable price, which is shocking when they are very absorbent, long-lasting, and soft. You wouldn’t expect something that is so “high-end” to actually be in arms reaches because it’s just not really fathomable to our normal mindset, which is why we are saying “don’t settle, aim for what you want”.


You can treat yourself in other ways as well such embroideries and designs. Get a robe with your initials on it or something else that you want on it. Same goes for the luxury bath towels, personalize them make it something special to you, get some luxury bath accessories to splurge on yourself for once. Have fun with it!


It’s My Style- Bath Accessories


Once you have an idea of the type of towels you want you can take your bathroom to a whole new level by accessorizing it. Here is where you can go all out once more, and bring your style to the forefront and see what beauty you can really achieve.


We said before that nothing is off limits, that you can do anything you want, and that still applies here. You can get different shower curtains in many styles, there are different colors, prints, stripes, see where we are going with this it’s the same as the towels, you can match both together or have contrasting themes both ideas sound wonderful and have a lot of promise to them. Your trash cans can also match the theme, you can find medium versions’ or small versions’ anything that you think looks best. Something else you can do in the bathroom would be to put shells in there or maybe marbles of some sort, just a little idea.




Shower rods and shower tiers are also a thing that you can change that not a lot of people contemplate about when changing around a bathroom, but you can get the color to match everything as well such as silver and gold. Shelves are another thing the can be improved upon whether you don’t have one and want to get one or you do have one and want to get a better one. Soap holder dishes are a semi-staple of a pretty bathroom and as you guessed it come in many beautiful colors and styles such as marble, plastic, glass, gold, white, black, and animal prints.


Now its time to look down and see one of the most important parts of a bathroom and that is the rugs, both in the bathtub and outside of the bathtub. There are many different types of water-resistant rugs with a rubber bottom that you can choose from so no style is off limits. Get non-slip bathtub mats for the shower so you never have to worry about hurting yourself or others. Rugs can match anything and bring the whole room together and complete the look you have been trying to accomplish. They are super soft so your feet feel nice and they are super absorbent so you don’t have a wet floor at any point in time. They are so convenient and very useful!


Freestyle Your Bed and Bath




 Our purpose of writing this should be pretty clear by now, we want you to find what you want and get what you want without needed to accommodate for others all the time. Put the focus of your home back on you, where it is supposed to be. Think of what is best for you, what would make you feel good, make you feel happy, and just go for it, with all kinds of assorted goods and trinkets. Those bed comforters that you thought would look very nice on your bed, get them! That rug that you felt was just so soft and plush, get it! There are no limitations to your imagination, so think big and don’t forget to treat yourself!



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Very informative. I’ve been looking to redo out bed and master bath and wanted the two to be matching in some sort but I always have trouble finding the right balance, between the painting and accessories something is always off so i’m glad to have found your site, it gives me perspective and helped me with considering a theme and balance. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you, we’re glad that we were able to help you with your creativeness! I wish you the best of luck!

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